Power 150 media and marketing blogs

Todd Andrlik (http://toddand.com/) ranks the top media and marketing blogs and hosts the list on Advertising Age. While the name conveys otherwise, actually over 650 blogs are listed, click here to browse the rankings:


According to:


The methodology uses a basic multimetric algorithm to obtain a final ranking based on the sum of eight sources, seven of which come from Google, Bloglines, Alexa, Yahoo! and Technorati. The last is Todd’s own personal subjective measure. In the case of a tie, individual scores for a blog are weighted in the following order (from highest to lowest):

  • Todd Points (1 to 15)
  • Yahoo InLinks (1 to 30)
  • Technorati Ranking (1 to 20)
  • Technorati Authority (1 to 20)
  • Technorati InLinks (1 to 20)
  • Alexa Points (1 to 15)
  • Bloglines Subscribers (1 to 10)
  • Google PageRank (0 to 10)
  • Collective Intellect (0 to 10)

For the blog on Power 150, click here:


The following post dated June 6, 2008 explains the changes in methodology with the inclusion of the Collective Intellect metric. Click here for details:


For the Power 150 FAQ, click here:


To view all 650+ blogs on a single page, click here:


For OPML of all feeds, click here:


Advertising Age – Ad Age (http://adage.com/) is the leading source of news, views and data for the ad, marketing and media industries.


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