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we blog, therefore we are.

IndiBlogger maintains an active and well organized directory of Indian Blogs. Search for Indian Blogs by name, city, title and tags.

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  1. Your listings and the IndiBlogger directory
  2. Finding other bloggers
  3. The IndiBlogger network
  4. Blogger Meetings

Tag Cloud

The Tag Cloud provides an overview and let’s us in on where the action is.

The IndiBlogger Development Blog

Search Indian blogs from Firefox

About IndiBlogger

Who are we?
A bunch of bloggers who believe that the Indian Blogging community is much larger, deeper and more active than people know.

So what’s the plan?
Give everyone a place where they can find each other – on the IndiBlogger directory.

What’s with the badges?
Wouldn’t you feel lost if you didn’t belong to a country? Your blog feels the same way too. Give it an identity.

Why IndiBlogger?
To be honest, it was more of a “why not” than a “why”? However, as we built our idea, it started to make sense. And here we are.

Join the IndiBlogger team
If you feel you can contribute, please post a comment with your blog’s url and we’ll contact you.

Get The lovely WordPress Indian theme on IndiBlogger Blog for your own blog here:

WordPress Theme for Indian Blogs
We’re proud to announce the release of our free IndiBlogger theme for WordPress. Download it, unzip it, upload it to your themes folder, activate it and many thanks to you for trying it out!


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