Quantcast traffic, demographics and lifestyle assessments

Even though collaborative filtering is so powerful a technique, Internet users barely get to benefit from it. No doubt, it is implemented in myriad ways on many sites but most such implementations do not go through any sort of active feedback loop so as to keep optimizing their effectiveness.

Quantcast takes a different approach. It’s traffic, demographics and lifestyle assessment presents the raw data itself.

For instance, gawker.com a celeb gossip site with a monthly traffic of 3 million visitors has the following Audience Profile:

gawker.com – Quantcast Audience Profile

Celebrity sitings, news, comments and gawker gossip (Rank 570)

Audience Also Likes: The people who visit gawker.com are also likely to visit these categories and sites:


Politics & Commentary

  • thinkprogress.org (47.5x)
  • Daily Kos (41.4x)
  • theatlantic.com (38.0x)
  • democraticunderground.com (35.9x)


  • Defamer (42.5x)
  • thehollywoodgossip.com (24.8x)
  • Perez Hilton (22.6x)
  • US Online (20.8x)


  • New Yorker (39.0x)
  • Vanity Fair (29.2x)
  • Newsweek (17.4x)
  • ABC News (17.1x)

Audience Also Visits: The people who visit gawker.com are also likely to visit:


  • halfsigma.com (114.8x)
  • jezebel.com (109.6x)
  • andrewhalcro.com (100.8x)
  • daemonsmovies.com (75.5x)
  • pamshouseblend.com (72.8x)
  • nationalenquirer.com (68.9x)
  • ktva.com (57.6x)
  • 236.com (55.3x)
  • cqpolitics.com (54.5x)
  • jolienadine.com (53.2x)
  • criticsrant.com (53.0x)
  • doonesbury.com (53.0x)
  • radaronline.com (52.6x)
  • eschatonblog.com (51.0x)
  • hecklerspray.com (49.8x)

Audience Also Searches For: The people who visit gawker.com are also likely to search the web using these keywords:


  • palin emails (375.2x)
  • gawker (344.3x)
  • sarah palin emails (187.9x)
  • levi johnson (137.1x)
  • sarah palin e-mail (130.0x)
  • sarah palin affair (125.0x)
  • sarah palin katie couric (117.7x)
  • palin affair (102.7x)
  • palin email (79.0x)
  • levi johnston (68.5x)
  • sarah palin email (62.1x)
  • national enquirer palin (48.8x)
  • bristol palin (47.9x)
  • palins email (36.0x)
  • daily kos (33.5x)

About Quantcast

The World’s Only Open Internet Ratings Service

Quantcast is a new media measurement service that enables advertisers to view audience reports for millions of sites and services to build their brands with confidence. The free service empowers publishers to demonstrate the unique value of their audiences by tagging their websites, videos, widgets and games for direct measurement.

A Team of Engineers and Mathematicians

Quantcast Corporation was founded in 2005 by a team of engineers and mathematicians committed to advancing the digital media industry. The Quantcast team has conducted extensive research and development to provide publishers with a free and easy way to report on the audience metrics that advertisers demand, including traffic, demographics and lifestyle assessments.


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