Top 100 Tools for Learning (Updated: 07/09/2008)

Apr 12, 2008

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies provides a number of resources, consultancy services and workshops to help you understand more about how Web 2.0 technologies and tools are creating a new approach to learning (in both in education and the workplace learning) known as Learning 2.0 or Social Learning.
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Digg API goes beyond social bookmarking

Apr 5, 2008

For known or unknown reasons, anything and everything faces consolidation pressure. Website traffic is no different. What this means is that 20% of the websites attract 80% of the traffic.

When this happens, website operators start facing a problem – how to cater to all those different types of visitors within the confines of a single format. One solution to this problem is to make their website programmatically available. This availability is implemented using an API (Application Programming Interface). In the future, we can expect more of the high traffic sites to provide such interfaces.
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