Time Magazine’s top websites for 2008

Jul 8, 2008

10 Essential Sites




Despite repeated attempts to compromise its integrity, Wikipedia remains the most popular online encyclopedia on the Web. Since anyone can create or edit a Wikipedia page, both companies and individuals have been caught airbrushing and embellishing their own entries.

Yahoo! Finance


A haven for armchair investors and money junkies, Yahoo! Finance has everything you need to keep up with business – news, stock-specific research, charts, even press releases. For all the criticism about Yahoo!’s failure to innovate, its finance site showcases the best of what the company has to offer.



In the $15 billion online classified market, Craigslist is a Web pioneer that will never go stale, and remains the essential site for want ads ranging from real estate and used furniture to jobs, romance and one-night stands. Its services are available in over 500 cities in 50 countries.

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Reviews of top email providers

Apr 21, 2008

PC World India

Best Mail Artist


By Aditya Nag & John Maringmei (Wednesday, February 27, 2008)

What’s in an e-mail? A service by any name should ideally be no different from another. But as our detailed tests discovered, this was not entirely true. On the testing block were eight of the most popular e-mail providers on the Internet. They were tested on various criteria like storage capacity, interface, upload and download time and the various extras they offered. And this is what we found out to help you decide whether you should stick to your current e-mail address or move to one that is better suited to your needs.

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